Conflict in terms of adding user on another Blog

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    I first raised this query within another support topic but it was suggested to create a new topic which I am now doing.

    Here’s the background.

    I am the administrator and sole author of the blog Learning from Dogs which I have been running for nearly three years, without any problems. Some time ago I set up another Blog on behalf of a newly formed Transition Initiative.

    This new Blog is

    I registered a domain name that ‘translates’ across to the wordpress domain, as above.

    I am also the administrator of this new Blog.

    It is now at the stage where I want to pass administration to another person; Rob.

    From within I sent the appropriate invite. Rob accepted the invite. Rob has his own account.

    However, when Rob attempts to access it automatically amends the URL to which is the URL for the Home page. Meanwhile on my All Users tab it continues to show Rob’s invitation as ‘Waiting’.

    It may or may not be relevant to say that when I look up the URL it shows the home page as I would expect.

    However, if I add /wp-admin to the end of that URL and click Enter it ‘looks up’

    Utterly puzzled by this and could really do with some help.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    At Store -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard, if you temporarily switch the primary domain to, does the invite work properly?


    OK, let me try that and report back.


    Ah! When I look at my domains from within there are only two listed: as primary and

    Should I add and

    Thanks for your prompt involvement.




    I tried adding both those domains and the system advised ‘This domain has already been mapped to a blog.’



    You’ll need to access the Dashboard for not the other blog.


    New invitation sent from that Blog. Awaiting a result.


    OK, still with the query.

    Rob accepted my invitation sent from and I then checked for users. Rob didn’t show at


    Rob (rsingram) is still shown as Waiting.



    Was he logged in as rsingram when he accepted it? If not, please have him try when logged out. If he was logged out, please have him try when logged in.


    Thanks – will run this and report back.



    Paul is away now and I will be taking this over. I have accepted in both logged on and then out his invite and the TransitionTownPayson site is still showing my invitation as waiting…



    Are you definitely logged in to that blog now as an Administrator? If so, there’s probably a random glitch in the invite system and you can safely delete the invite.

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