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    Compre el dominio y WordPress me adjudico el dominio y resulta que este ultimo dominio es el que me esta creando problemas ya que si escribes en tu navegador unas veces te sale la pagina “buena” y otras la “falsa” y esta ultima no me deja borrar bitacora,me aparece esto:
    Warning! You cannot delete a blog if the blog has a domain registration upgrade. You must have access to the blog in order to get to the domain manager.

    If you do not want to use your blog any more please make it private. Other users won’t be able to visit the blog but you can still access the Dashboard so you can get to the domain manager.
    Como podria solucionar este conflicto? es que llevo ya un mes y estoy despesperado!! les agradeceria su ayuda
    Blog url:



    You have changed the NS records of which points to your self-hosted installation now. This means that your blog will also point to there.

    Could you please explain in detail what you want to accomplish?


    i want only that people can see but if i put in I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose. sometimes people can enter to but sometimes people see message “blog private”. i do not understand why sometimes if you write in safari one times you enter in and other times in…. HELP MEE!!


    Staff is definitely a private blog.

    The others may still have the pre-private blog stored in their browser’s cache.


    but what i have to do for people see only and the other blog ( will be deleted or do not create conflicts and create a lot of redireccions withe the blog that i want(



    The two blogs are one-and-the-same. is mapped to

    Think of it as just a new change of clothes for the old blog.


    excuse me i do not understand technology and english…i only want work with but is creating redirection problems. what i have to do?? delete that blog? if i put like private when people write to enter in also appears as private blog



    The two are the same, they cannot be separated. will always redirect to


    But if i put like primary domain Why sometimes you are redirected to and sometimes to


    Staff will always redirect to though a few folks may have the “old” URL in their cache.


    i uploaded from wordrpress to 000webhost, and i have the same redirection problems last month. what namervers i must upload? or wordpress nameservers??



    Do you want the domain to direct to your WordPress installation on 000webhost? If so, you need to use their nameservers.

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