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    For some reason I was led to believe I had to have a Bluehost account IN ADDITION to Word Press to get my website up and running. I paid for it. Can I discontinue service with them or are they part of WordPress? Domain was registered with go daddy and I was going to get a fancy website theme through Photocrati… maybe they told me to use Bluehost.

    I’m happy with! Do I need more? Judi, Non techy senior.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Judi,

    There are two “flavors” of WordPress. (this site) and, which is the “self-hosted” version.

    If you’re happy with, you do not need a BlueHost account. Keep reading, though.

    If you want to use themes that aren’t listed on (list at ) or want to use any “WordPress plugins”, you’ll need the self-hosted version on, which will need some type of hosting account. BlueHost is one of many such providers.

    For the theme you mentioned specifically, it appears that you’ll need the self-hosted version at (which is free, except for the cost of hosting).

    A more in-depth view of the difference between .com and .org can be found here:

    Hope that helps!



    It’s difficult to say which you should choose without knowing more about what you need. If you need to embed iframes, javascript, or lots of flash, is not for you. If you want to do ecommerce on the site, is not for you. If you want to put paid ads on your site, is not for you.

    If you don’t need those things, then I suggest you keep the domain name, as it is always a smart idea to get that, and use the Domain Mapping upgrade to attach it to your blog. See if Bluehost will give you a refund for the hosting which you don’t need and the theme which you can’t use on a blog.

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