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    Hi Ive put up my pages as far the info i wanted to give regarding my service now I’m ready to blog about , but im confused about how visitors will view my site if and when they decided to do a little blogging/reading while there,

    there is no tab button for my blog and, while i’m on my blog page there is no highlighted link tab at the top , so when i /a vistor clicks on a tab theblog totally disappears unless they clcik on the header image or my site name, how can

    I find the tab or page link besides the header or blog site name , i haven’t deleted any pages yet and I don’t have my blogs page set to static, can someone tell how can i recognize which of these page was my original ,welcome/blog page???

    the site name is

    The blog I need help with is



    You can change which page becomes your front “landing” page. This is done by creating two new pages. One will be your landing page and one is for your blog posts to display on. After creating them you can designate the change on this page > Settings > Reading
    Reading Settings
    Front page displays
    __Your latest posts

    A static page (select below)
    __ Front page:
    __ Posts page:



    Hi timethief I remenber you since i first started blogging and thankyou for the response, b ut i have 1 more quick question in the past I deleted my home page and

    back then i searched and most of the answers said that you can’t get it back, i haven’t deleted mine and i appreciate your answer, but I was wondering does this

    method go for deleted pages also and oh i got 2 more questions beside this one which ive been searching for a couple of days, do search engine crawl pages and do they read titles and headers in pages too?



    Oh and timethief how do i go about setting my to the front page is that the same as my blogs page, and is the same way you answered already, I mean does the .com with no forward slashes show up in the pages menu, or will it be titled differently, either way, Im on it.

    Thanks Alot.



    If you’ve deleted the pages, they’re gone for good. You’ll have to recreate them.

    And yes, that’s the same as your blog page, the Just select Blog Page and that’ll be the way you want it.

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