Confused about new interface and not happy with start page.

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    I’ve been with WordPress for about two years now and I’ve loved having my blog on here. However, recent changes in the WordPress interface have made it confusing to read, especially when it comes to the stats. I cannot tell how many people actually visited my site. They have this dark blue bar which is supposed to signify this and a light blue bar which is supposed to signify that. It is very confusing and frankly irritating. Why couldn’t it have been kept the way it was before? Based on how they have it now, I don’t really know exactly how many people stopped by the site. I do not why WordPress needed to alter what was already a great interface by complicating it with a lot of extras, especially without telling users of their proposed changes which is a shame. Facebook was and continues to be the same way.

    Secondly, why did WordPress decide to eliminate the Freshly Pressed articles from the front page and replace it with some nonsense pictures? I think the Freshly Press pages were a wonderful introduction to WordPress and I would be more compelled to read articles from there more than if it were some tab that I forget to look at when I’m on here. Why is WordPress doing these changes when there was no need to? It is very sad to see these things happening especially since up to now I’ve had great success with WordPress. I love the site and I love using it but these changes are disconcerting.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    I suggest you subscribe to this blog so you are in the loop when it comes to the announcements of changes being made.

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