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    I have a question. I just recently started this blog: and I’m wondering why when I click on this link, my latest blog entry pops up but not a “landing page” such as my Home or About page. Is it just the theme I’m using?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is

    #475589 IS your homepage. By default, the homepage displays your latest posts (no matter what the theme). It can be made to display a static page instead (such as your About page), but do you think a visitor, especially a returning visitor, would be more interested in seeing your About page instead of your latest posts?


    Thanks for the reply. I would like to know how to display as a static page though. Not sure if I will use it because what I wanted to use it for isn’t allowed anyway.



    The good news is that you can do that easily. Create a static page first and then go here > Dashboard > Reading
    Video here >
    Support entry here >



    Now that I have provided the links you need let me say that the readers ‘experience of having to click through a static “landing page” past the same ole blah, blah, blah every time they come to your blog in order to find what they came for ie. to read your new posts will be a huge turn-off.

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