Confused about use of 'settings', 'options' and 'setting options'

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    Learning how to write my own plugins and I am hitting some confusion over the seemingly inconsistent use of these words and phrases. I see them used interchangeably and sometimes the usage seems to be specific (excluding the others)

    A few examples:
    1. in
    “You can add new settings fields (basically, an option in the wp_options database table but totally managed for you)”
    “NOTE: You MUST register any options you use with add_settings_field()”
    2. In
    “match the look and feel of existing WordPress options pages”

    There are many, many more. I could cite in and off site.



    This is the WordPress.COM support forum. We do not provide support for WordPress>ORG software here. You need to post to the WordPress.ORG support forum at



    re:timethief, OK, technically you are correct because I referenced the .org pages… BUT you are also wrong in that the same confusion exists in the documentation on the .com side.

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