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Confused about using pages and posts

  1. I am setting up a site but I am having trouble figuring out how to use pages and posts. I want my site to be similar in navigation as this site

    I understand the second site has created pages for the menus along the top. However, when you click on say hdmi wireless link it takes you to a post which is in the hdmi wireless catergory.

    How do I link pages and posts like in the site? What navigation is the site using?


  2. I'm sorry but that blog is not a free blog from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM so we cannot help you with it. The correct support forum to get support for that blog is here > http://wordpress.ORG/support

    For more clarity please read the sticky post at the head of this forum.

  3. whether it's a self-hosted or not, wordpress pages will appear in your top nav bar (when i click the link you mentioned it went to a page, not a category) and posts will appear within the given category.

    links to pages appear at the top of every page regardless of category

  4. @webheadfred
    If you would like to answer questions on the support forum please go there and do that.

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