Confused asto why registered domain still has ''" in dashboard URL?

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    I decided to create my first free blog from yesterday. I then decided to register my domain, but now I’m confused.

    After I registered my free blog, am I supposed have two domains under my Setting (just for examples and I have as my Primary blog, but when I go to “Manage My Blogs” there’s only one blog listed and it’s

    Can someone explained this to me? I’m new to registering a domain.

    I also want to know why my registered domain still has “…” on its dashboard URL. Shouldn’t it just be something like

    Did I do something wrong in the process of going from a free blog to a registered domain?

    I also came across this forum discussion that made me more confused.

    I’ve been trying to install a theme I downloaded for my blog, but I was having a hard time doing it. It was mentioned in that discussion that the issue was because the blog was still managed by WordPress even if it’s registered, and you can tell that from the “Manage My Blog” URL which includes “…

    I also have that in my URL when I go to “Manage My Blogs” so I want to know why WordPress is still managing my registered domain? How can I be the one managing it? How can I can get rid of “…” in my URL?

    Am I just better off cancelling my domain? And if I do, can I re-register the same domain right away?

    I’m just so confused and I hope this all makes sense so if anyone can kindly explain all this to me, it would be greatly appreciated.



    Don’t worry about the Dashboard URL; you have no control over that. It will always read that way, with or without the domain upgrade.

    You cannot install a theme purchased from outside We can only use the themes on our Dashboard under Apperance-Themes. External themes are for WordPress.ORG blogs. They can never be used here. Don’t read instructions for WordPress.ORG blogs and try to apply them to WordPress.COM blogs. They are very different.



    The reason that the dashboard is under the “” is because it has to be a secure “https:” site. wordpress,com have a valid certificate that your browser recognises and gives you a secure connection.

    If you gave an https url with a domain other than WordPress,com the browser would say “wait a minute, I have asked for but the certificate says its for”, and display a warning.

    A side affect of this is that if you do put https: in front of your domain-mapped blog instead of http: you do get a warning from your browser, but of course there is no point in using https: for a publicly available blog.



    Thanks for the information. Just one more questions regarding themes. When I press activate on the themes under “Appearance”, I don’t see any results for my blog. Is there anything else I should do to have a theme work for my blog?


    Thanks for your explanation. It’s making sense to me now.

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