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    I’m using Chateau theme and have had an e-mail notification of a comment made to a picture rather than the post (ie. for Bishops Cannings not Enough). I didn’t realize this was possible as I thought the ‘Comment’ tab applied to the whole post. Also, the comment doesn’t appear on my blog and I’d like to encourage interaction.

    How do I show the comments on my blog? How do I respond to the comment via my blog rather then e-mail?

    I’m sure it’s probably a simple answer but I’m new to all this and still finding my way around. Thanks for your patience!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve had comments on pictures too but they have all been spam. would be interested in the answer though


    An image can be non clickable, or link to the real-size image alone, or link to an attachment page, or link to another webpage – see here:
    You’ve set your images to link to attachment pages, so you get comments on those as well.



    I got there eventually (!) and have now removed the link to the attachment page.
    Is it possible to ‘transfer’ the comment made from the image to the post or do I simply wait for more comments?



    Doh – I must have fried my brain trying to set up a website and blog in quick succession! Thank you

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