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    I’m so confused – I’ve everything under appearance, users, tools and settings and can’t find an answer. Please help!
    I have a blog for 60-70 year olds who are as non-computer literate as I am. I don’t want them to have to create a wordpress account – I just want them to be able to go to my glob http:// , read my posts, and make comments. I don’t want them to author posts or edit my posts. My blog is set to private with Discussion settings of “comment author must enter email” under settings. I’ve used various of my family member’s email addresses to: 1. subscribe to my blog (very confusing – too much stuff on “invite” email received) 2. added them as users (but they’re not wordperss members so that didn’t work) 3. put their email under “email subscription” (a widget on my blog page) but they still seem to be able to “edit” my blog.

    The only thing I haven’t tried is adding their emails as “users allowed to access blog” under Privacy Settings (I’ve run out of email addresses to test this). Will this work?

    Basically, I’m trying to find the easiest way to ensure that the club members can
    1. receive my posts via email when I post them 2. can comment on my posts, but can’t edit my posts
    3. can get into my blog easily without having to log in or create a wordpress account.

    The blog I need help with is


    If the blog is set to private, then the visitors will have to get a wordpress.COM account, and then you will have to add them as users at settings > privacy before they can view your blog.

    With private blogs, there is no way to use the email subscriptions, and the RSS feed is disabled since the blog is private (having it active would mean anyone could read the RSS feed – no privacy).

    The only way to have it so they can subscribe and can visit and comment on posts is either to have them register at wordpress.COM (no blog required) and you add them as users, or you make the blog public. You can set it so that the search engines will not index it by choosing the middle selection at settings > privacy if you wish.


    Hi there, just saw your reply while searching for an answer to related issue. My blog is for a community garden and is public. I want most members to be contributors and a couple to be authors. As they don’t have wordpress accounts I’ve used the “Invite” under “users” as I thought that way they can register to but not need to create a blog, as you said. I’ve tried with a friends email and she received an email with the link to register (agree with jlsfitu, the email contain too much info/confussing) and when she goes to registration page and tries to set up an account but not a blog, the error message “Blog is a required value and cannot be empty.” appears.
    Any advice appreciated.



    @exetercommunityagriculture: Did the person first click on “Sign up for just a username”? By clicking on that, the Blog address box becomes a Username box only.


    Hi airodyssey, thanks for that, we obviously missed that option, even thou we followed the link and tried a few times. Sometimes you don’t see what you don’t expect to see, I suppose, I’ll make sure I point members to the “just username” box.

    thanx for your help

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