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confused by WordPress stats!

  1. I wonder if someone can help explain Facebook stats on our WordPress site? It's confusing.

    On our Facebook page we have 2,980 followers. However, on the stats for it says we have 5,600!

    Which is correct, and why is there such a large difference?

    It doesn't really matter, but we're curious...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Had a quick look but I think we have a different issue! If it was down to stats not updating they wouldn't be higher, would they? I don't think we experienced a mass abandonment but anything's possible.

  3. Hi there,

    Hmm, it looks like publicize is connected twice to your Facebook page, from two different user accounts on your blog. The stats are counting your followers twice.

    Can you disconnect one of those publicize connections and make the remaining one shared? Check the box to make the connection available to all users of the blog. This means that when another user creates a post it will also publicize to this Facebook page.

  4. Brilliant, thanks for that! Explains it completely. And I now realise it was my fault too, curse my incompetence.

  5. Not at all! You're very welcome, and let me know if you need anything else. :)

  6. Is there a way to make sure that my "views" on my stats do not reflect my own personal views of my page? I cannot find anything in the settings that will let me control that, but I don't want every view I make personally -- as I post and edit my material -- to count, and it looks right now as if every view I make is being counted and recorded. I have a couple of other blogs as well, but they have a lot more views, and it's harder to tell if mine are being counted. However, on my 'Happy Patriot' blog, my own views are counted right now.

    Thanks for the help.

  7. @sctreblecleff
    Sheesh! this is the second thread you hijacked and posted off topic into.
    Try reading the support docs please >
    If you still have a question please post your own thread

  8. Well, I apologize for doing this wrong. I typed my question on both pages at the same time because I thought that was what I was supposed to do, so I didn't see your other note until I had already typed in this question.

    But I must say that you are indeed an extremely RUDE individual. Everyone may not be as technologically adept as you are, but you could at least be more polite. When someone makes an honest mistake, you insult them with a "Sheesh!" and a reprimand. Shame on you.

    Don't worry; I won't interrupt your "thread" again, and I hope I never have to communicate with you again for any reason.

  9. I wasn't rude at all. I answered you in two threads now.

    Try reading the support docs please >
    If you still have a question please post your own thread

  10. Quick question. Last week my "best ever view" was higher than today's "best view" stat. How does my "best ever view" decline? Thanks.

  11. Please read what TT said above about threadjacking.

  12. thanks, and sorry.

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