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    I recently switched over from Blogger and I’m a bit confused about comments which I would expect to see under each post. I see a spot to leave a comment on my very last post, but all the previous posts, I don’t see anything. Yet someone left a comment on one of my posts and the only reason I knew that was that I had it set to send me emails if someone commented. Yet her comment didn’t show until I stuck a comment widget in the sidebar.

    I guess she knew enough to click on the Post Title to bring up that particular post so that she could fill in the Reply form. But who would know to do that? And why does it show a comment line on the latest post and not the previous ones? (I thought maybe it was a theme issue, but then why would the comment line appear on the most recent post?)

    My blog is at

    Thanks for your help!



    Well, I switched themes for a moment and it must be theme related as the theme I switched it to showed comments under each post like one would expect. Seems like an author of a theme would set it up so that this would be an option. Oh well…..



    Hmm, I don’t really understand the problem. I fear it may be browser related. When I go to your blog (linked from your nick on the left) there is at the bottom of each and every post a line that says “comments (0)” or “comments (2)”.

    I see you’re currently using Rubric 1.0. Is that the theme you were having problems with?



    This is totally a theme issue.

    Some themes show comments only on the Post page.

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