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    I bought VideoPress upgrade, believing that I needed it to play YouTube videos on my blog. Now I find that VideoPress is only for videos that I myself have made. WordPress Help can be very confusing at times (at least I find it so). Could you please try to make “Help” wording more clear? And can you confirm that VideoPress upgrade is NOT NEEDED FOR PUTTING YOUTUBE & OTHER VIDEOS ON MY BLOG.

    I’m a senior citizen, but I don’t think I’m totally demented yet! :)

    Maybe it is me, but could you make the help wording more clear, anyway? Might help other people too.

    Marilyn Sliwa

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Marilyn. Beforehand, I’d like to stress that I’m not a employee, and that my intention is not to patronize you, but simply to point out where to find the information you were asking.

    You can embed videos from selected external services for free.

    This being said, I tagged this thread so that staff takes note of your suggestion.



    @merillion: thank you for the feedback, and sorry you found the Help regarding videos confusing. Let us know via if you need any help with your VideoPress upgrade.

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