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confusion about Illustratr

  1. ninarobinson720

    I'm using the Illustratr theme but it looks nothing like the preview of it. I liked it because it shows all your posts in a gridlike formation where you can click on them for the full article. When I click on my blog it just seems to show them as huge articles one underneath the other, also the pictures look so big that a the image it cut off, maybe thats the file size I don't know?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. tallertopotesia

    I have the same problem as you, nina. It looks nice but without the top sidebar isn´t useful for me :(
    We hope someone knows the solution ;)

  3. ninarobinson720

    I think the grid formation is just for pages/portfolio? I'm not sure I'm very confused. I'm new to wordpress! I wan't a nice looking blog rather than website/portfolio with a blog attached so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree? My problem is I want my posts to be in grid form in the way the portfolio page is laid out...

  4. tallertopotesia

    I dont know how it runs, but maybe it would be easy if you want a grid to use another theme, previously designed for that. That´s the solution to dummies as we, haha.

  5. Here's the detailed theme description with set-up instructions:

    Here are the relevant support doc links:

  6. ninarobinson720

    I'm sorry I've definitely been to those links a good few times and they don't answer my question.
    I want to click on my site as a blog and see the POSTS lay out in a grid formation, which is what I thought this theme did. The grid format is only for portfolio right? which is fixed.
    What i'd like in an idea world is to have a clean simple site that I can run in the style of an online mag or at least a slick looking blog...

  7. Illustratr is a minimalist portfolio theme that helps you create a strong — yet beautiful — online presence. Primarily crafted for designers and photographers, it is a simple, powerful, and flexible theme.

    If you simply want a free grid based theme and not a portfolio theme then you could look at Mixfolio, Fontfolio, Triton Lite, etc.

    If you want a free magazine style theme see here

  8. ninarobinson720

    Thank you that's most helpful!

  9. You're welcome.

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