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    Just curious here today.
    I only have my blog through, however upon reading down the forum topics and questions I have seen something curious. I well remember seeing a thing back a while on telling about Jetpak, that is the only way I would have even known about this.
    That being said I see questions about people downloading jetpak or having problems with jetpack, well the way I understand it is that this is for self hosted blogs in, so if this is the case why was it even talked about on, if it is something that is not applicable to
    Seems like things applicable to would stay far away from, then so many people would not be confused all the time.

    The blog I need help with is



    @timethief has some good links however I will try the short form executive summery.

    Jetpak is a Plug-in that was developed by WordPress.COM for use on WordPress.ORG sites.

    Jetpak has many of the functions that have been popular here at WordPress.COM and they took several Plug-in’s and sort of rolled them into one nice package. WordPress.COM has had their stats package available as a Plug-in for some time and it has been quite popular so they took the stats package and added several features and called it Jetpak.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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