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    I don’t know if it was really necessary to buy the 13 dollar domain mapping thing– i think i can just point my namcheap domain name to the word press through the DNS thing, but i’m confused if i need to buy that other one– let me know if that was necessary so i can get a refund if possible.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, it looks like you purchased a Site Redirect instead of a Domain Mapping, which is the appropriate upgrade for your case (both cost $13 so I see how that can be confusing). I went ahead and removed the Site Redirect upgrade for you and issued a $13 refund.

    To get your domain working correctly, you do need a Domain Mapping. You can add it via Store > My Domains, type the domain name into “Add a Domain” box and follow the prompts. You can find more detailed information here: Map an Existing Domain.


    Thankyou Jenia. I did this with another blog over a year ago and this step was not necessary. Basically i didn’t mind if my wordpress address shows up if people know what it is… but my old domain name on godaddy just redirected it for me. Is this something new in WordPress? Can I just map the domain from namecheap without going through the Domain Mapping thing here? Thanks- Annie


    Also, the wordpress site is still redirecting to the namecheap site so i can’t see it =( is there something I can do about this?


    Also, sorry to bug you again, but mapping and existing domain is what i did the first time…


    So As it turns out i don’t need to go though domain mapping for my domain on namecheap to point at the wordpress blog… but unfortunately because i went ahead with the 13 dollar thing my blog no longer shows up at its address, but redirects to the URL, although i disabled that function. whats up with that? =)



    Hi LW, right now, you don’t have either a Site Redirect or Domain Mapping upgrade on Your domain’s nameservers are not pointing to

    There are three steps to map an existing domain that you already own to your blog. They are detailed here:

    If you purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade and set your custom domain as primary, your visitors will see your blog’s address as

    Some registrars allow domain masking (cloaking), this is not something that we support or recommend. If you do want to go that route, please contact your registrar directly for support on how to do that.

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