Confusion on page v post parenting w/ fixed front page

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    Totally confused. Spent hours trying various ways to do it, without success; so now appealing for help. (MAC OSX 3.2.9 camino browser)

    I have a static front page. comments are closed.

    In my first listed category titled ‘Page 2: Your Scooter Wish-list’ I want the entry to be static. (I can’t see any way to stipulate that specifically; currently it’s a post, but maybe it should be a page?).

    I want that entry to link to a hidden page (for a link, I’ve used ‘If you’re interested in bringing the scooter of your dreams to life, click HERE’ as i’ve never been able to use images as links – they always come us as ‘page not found’).

    I don’t want the hidden page to appear in the category list or anywhere else. I only want readers to access it through that particular link. Then i want to add other posts in there.

    I’ve tried making the first entry in that ‘hidden’ category either a page or a post. It was okay to start with as a post ‘uncategorized.’ But when i’ve tried to add a 2nd post to it the trouble has started; i can’t get the 2nd post to appear in the hidden area.

    When i’ve tried it as a page with subsequent page referring to it as parent, it comes up as a ‘comment’ but still does not list in that hidden area.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to make ‘uncategorized’ a default area for posts (ie using OPTIONS WRITING), and if i name the default category, then its name appears in the category list (so then it’s no longer a hidden area).

    in OPTIONS READING I have kept POSTS PAGE as ‘- SELECT -‘

    Any coherent advice would be most welcome.

    Thanks (in anticipation of now discovering probably a blatantly obvious and basic tenet of wordpressing that i’ve totally overlooked), Colin



    I don’t think you can do this without making the hidden link a link to an entirely different blog. If I understand this part aright (Then i want to add other posts in there) you want this hidden link page to function like a blog, with the newest posts on top and the rest scrolling down, right? You can’t do that at all on pages, they have to be blogs.

    You can’t make a post static either: if you want everyone coming to your blog to land on that, it has to be a Page OR it has to be the main part of your blog. No exceptions. You can make that a Page easily enough: just copy it and go to Write and click Write Page instead of the default Write Post. I’ll refer you to the FAQ for the difference between pages and posts, with the note that Pages do not count towards stats AT ALL. They simply are not counted.

    Uncategorized is the default category for posts unless you change your default to something else.

    Does that clarify anything?



    Thanks Raincoaster.

    Ha ha. I’ve been making new blogs in these circumstances because i got so confused with page parents, etc. and it was so much easier just to create a new blog and link to it. I just thought i must be missing something – but I’ll stick to my tried and tested method :)




    If it’s working for you, I wouldn’t change anything.

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