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    I want to create a simple profile search website(Address Book) to search for employees using WordPress. I have a LDAP with employee details (such as name, location, employee id, extension, e-mail id etc). So any employee should be able to open the website and search by: Name, last name, location, country, employee id etc. This website will not be used for adding new employees or editing their information. Whenever the LDAP is updated, it should reflect in the WordPress website if searched for that particular employee.
    What I want to know is:
    Can I integrate the existing LDAP with WordPress website to display the search results? If yes, how?

    As you would have already guessed – Yes, i’m new to WordPress, LDAP and integrating these two! Any help will be much appreciated!



    That is not possible on a free hosted WordPress.COM blog.


    Thank you for the response! Is it possible to download any WordPress application that supports my requirement? For instance, can I download any word press application to my server, modify the theme according to my needs and then integrate LDAP to it?



    Yes, but you’re in the wrong forum for that and need to be at WordPress.ORG.


    okay. Thanks!

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