'Connect timeout error' from my home IP address (218.53.17.*)

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    Recently, I started to see a lot of connection timeout errors from my web browser at home (218.53.17.*). The web browser was basically trying to access the resources under the following domains:


    .. which means I have to wait for very long time until a web page is rendered completely if the web site uses Gravatar or WordPress login service. Of course, the gravatars are all broken.

    I also found that some of the servers that serve http://www.wordpress.com also give me connection timeout errors: (I got these IP addresses by querying DNS server manually. More specifically, ‘nslookup http://www.wordpress.com‘)

    Because the operating system randomly chooses one of the IP addresses on the list, sometimes it works and sometimes it fails with connection timeout.

    What’s interesting is that I don’t have any problem connecting to the addresses mentioned above when I’m not at home. Therefore, I believe my IP address (or the IP block I belong to) has been blocked by someone between my home and WordPress.com.

    I contacted my ISP to see if they can find out why, but I also thought it might be a good idea to ping the folks at WordPress.com.

    The blog I need help with is trustin.wordpress.com.


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    Which country are you currently browsing from?

    Also, try enabling or disabling HTTPS http://en.support.wordpress.com/https/ to see if that makes any difference.



    South Korea.

    I switched to a different ISP and the problem went away. I believe that it’s the ISP that’s blocking the access, looking from the traceroute result.



    Hm, it wouldn’t be the first time from there.

    I recommend contacting the ISP about this.

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