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    For almost a year my “publicize to facebook” worked great. But, suddenly, it stopped working. And now, I will have it connected to facebook, but it never publicizes it. And then when I go back to look at the post, it will tell me I have to connect to facebook again…although while I am writing the post, it tells me I am already connected to facebook.

    When I do connect to facebook, it won’t publicize it…but it will stay “connected” until I write my next post, upon which it “disconnects” and even if I connect it, it is never publicized and I still need to manually put it in facebook.

    Do you know what is going on? I know that I am doing everything right, because I was successfully connected to facebook for months and months. Is anyone else having this problem?? Thanks!
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    Can you try following these steps to reconnect to Facebook?

    If that doesn’t work can you try removing the connection to WordPress.com from your Facebook account settings and then trying the connection again?

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