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    How do I get google plus to connect like I can connect yahoo, Facebook and twitter and such so when I post on my blog it goes out to google plus like all the others? I checked under the sharing and there is still no way to connect to it like the others, and even went to google plus and they have connections for twitter and facebook and so on but nothing for wordpress.
    any ideas? or how are other people doing it?
    hopfully not copying and pasting the links lol

    The blog I need help with is



    Please read what Staff (macmanx) has said here > and here

    You can post amanually and in fact manual posting is the most effectoive way to draw attention. We are being flooed with the information flow created by autoposting of the same link to multiple social networks.



    Oops! Sorry about the typos. :(



    Google has said they do not want people automatically populating their G+ feeds. As a G+ user, I don’t either; who needs to read a link when the author can’t even be bothered to paste it himself?

    I wouldn’t expect this situation to change until Google figures out a way to charge for autoposting. THEN it will change.


    ok great google is not a big deal anyway not many ppl use it yet so who cares =P


    And why bother copying and pasting 10 different places when it should be able to all be connected to do it one time. thats what technology is for =)

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