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Connecting blog posts with facebook

  1. I am trying to authorise my facebook connection, but don't get anywhere it just times out, any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having a somewhat similar problem. When I do get the connection made, it doesn't last long. When I go back to do a new blog post, I have to reconnect the blog to facebook.

    For many months this worked flawlessly. Is there a setting I might have changed? Has some more general glitch arisen?


  3. @ronacrete and julieshapiro
    How are you posting to Facebook?
    Are you using Publicize and if so have you used the reconnection instructions?

  4. AHA! Yes, I was using publicize. No, I had not used the reconnection instructions---I had just tried to connect again. I have now followed those instructions and actually got through to the facebook page and everything. It looks like it worked.

    Thanks SO much.


  5. @julkie
    I'm so happy to hear that. Now you know what to do if this happens again though I hope it doesn't. Thanks for returning and sharing this good news. Happy blogging! :)

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