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Connecting Klout using JetPack

  1. Count me among those affected by this issue. I'm able to connect my self-hosted blog ( to my account and it appears that everything is working up to that point. However, when I try to add this to my Klout profile, I'm redirected to my blog with the message that Klout needs access to my site. When I sign in to my site, I'm then directed to my dashboard, but Klout is still not able to connect. For what it's worth, I do find some Jetpack-related bits in the query string:


    So Jetpack is *trying* to do something on my site, but for whatever reason the operation does not complete. Help!

  2. Same here, the latest update of Jetpack plugin makes the connection work to an extent that you can login into your self-hosted installation, but then the system fails (on site, saying it can't connect.

  3. Great news. I just updated to Jetpack 2.2 on self-hosted WP 3.5.1, turned off all plugins except Jetpack, and was able to connect Klout.

  4. @nelsdrums, lucky you! After your post I just tried again. De-activated all plugins, stopped, changed to standard profile, activated Jetpack again and build up connection. No chance to activate ...

  5. After the last Jetpack update it works for me too (self-hosted WP 3.5.1).

  6. are you guys using same username on and on your self hosted WP?

  7. no, I use two different usernames

  8. Just right now I have been able to connect my Klout account to my self-hosted WordPress blog. The first login is to the account, so you need to use those credentials, then thereafter you need to login to your own self-hosted blog, with those credentials appropriate for that site. Bingo!

    Using WordPress 3.5.1 and JetPack 2.2 (which is also connected to
    I had no need to disable any other plugin.

  9. aprogramminglanguage

    I still can't connect either. I get further with the latest release but seem to be stuck in a loop once I provide the pw for my self hosted blog.

  10. Me, too! I am ending up on my dashboard of my self hosted blog!

  11. Yeah! this worked for me. I deactivated all my plugins. Activated jetpack. Connected it to wordpress again and now Klout connects to it.

  12. Using WordPress 3.5.1 and JetPack 2.2. Deactivated all other plug ins.

    My site:

    is connected to my site:

    But Klout still won't connect and says I need jetpack enabled (though it is).

    Any and all help appreciated... just lost a couple of hours to this...!

  13. Still no solution? I need it for :)

  14. alexwebmaster1

    It works now. Make sure you got Jetpack 2.2 and deactivate any security plug in.

  15. alexwebmaster1

    It seems like my Better WP Security was stopping Klout form using long strings, simply turn it off while K connects and you are good to go.

  16. I still can't get it to work. :/

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