Connecting new domain name to new blog

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    I have domain questions regarding setting up a new blog and connecting it. I just purchased a domain,, and I want to connect it to a blog. Then I want to redirect “” to that same site. But I cannot because every time I try to create a new site, it tells me I need a domainname, but it won’t use the one I already bought.

    Both domainnames were purchased through WordPress today.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there

    You already have both the domains, and, connected to your blog

    If you open either domain, they redirect to this blog So you don’t need to create a new site to connect them as that step is already done.

    Now you can make one of the domains Primary, so that domain name will show in the address bar when you open your website.

    To set the primary domain for your blog, go to My Site → Domains and select the domain you wish to set as the primary domain.

    Instructions to set up a primary domain-

    Let us know if you have questions.

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