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Connecting to Word 2007: Blog Post URL

  1. I want to save all my articles (not posts!) to my desktop to view off-line as if they can be viewed on-line. I'm using Microsoft Word 2007 as an off-line blog editor. I need the Blog Post URL to use/register the editor. I copied and pasted the URL from a blog post and couldn't register. So I did the same thing but using my home page address and still could not register. Is this a compatablity issue or something else?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm using Microsoft Word 2007 as an off-line blog editor.

    Microsoft WORD is a processor, and not a blog editor. WORD coding is not compliant with web standards.
    Windows Live Writer is what you ought to be using, if you are indeed referring to your blog.

  3. This is where it will have to connect:

  4. @timethief, Word 2007 has an blog client built into it and it produces decent code that works with WordPress. It can be a little finicky getting it connected and sometimes it just forgets and can't connect, but in general it works pretty well.

  5. Thanks, Sacredpath!

  6. Hang on! I don't think that is what I want. I don't want to use a blog editor to make posts. I just want to see my blog off-line exactly as I would see it on-line.

    Anybody know how?

  7. Can't be done. Well it could, sort of.

    You would have to install the self-hosted version of wordpress on your computer using MAMP (Mac) or WAMP (Windoze) and then install whatever theme you are using here (if it exists for self-hosted sites) and then export your content from here and import it into your local install. Each time you made a post, you would have to post it to both places. If you wanted comments as well, then you would also have to manually enter all comments that people made after the initial import.

    Also, wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG are different and that means they two site are never going to be exactly the same most likely.

    There is no way to mirror your site here on your home computer and have it update automatically.

  8. I downloaded Firefox scrapbook. I'm using IE as my main browser though. It has saved the webpage to Firefox scrapbook but I cannot find a way to save the page to a disc or USB which is what I really wanted to do.

    I think I would have to import the file from the scrapbook or copy and save the file onto another file on the desktop and then save that file to disk/USB. Seems quite a lot of stuff just for one page though.

  9. 4.4MB per page. Is that a lot?

  10. This is not a issue. It appears to be an issue you need to resolve elsewhere as the o only issues we provide support for on these forums are issues.

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