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Connection problems

  1. I see no unanimous complaints, so it could be that it's only at my place where a bit of havoc is created.

    Page opening, switching, even refreshing takes ages. Sometimes the front page lay-out looks disfigured. At one time the tool bar disappeared although when I checked I found I was still logged in. But even the Inlog page has a basic look, like it was stripped from html. Front page now looks OK again, but transmissions still are slow.

    It all happened in the middle of correcting a blog post. A minute ago I tossed my cookies, cleaned up my register, checked a few other things, can't image what I could have done wrong.

    ...right this moment, while typing in my forum post, this Support page switched to an altogether different lay-out. Creepy!

  2. ...There's definitetely something wrong. I opened my front page once more, but it appeared without WP tool bar. Yet I'm still logged in. When I tried to refresh, the page showed up a bit too fresh: without the template.

  3. Your site looks fine to me, Try:

  4. It was obviously a temporary hitch, all problems have gone... But I thought, I better check here.
    Thanks, auxclass.

  5. never saw this but just posted I am having issues, can get get to dashboard fine but nit my URL

  6. now back again !

  7. tt, tried all that, I work in network support and was down on three different browsers, IE, Chrome and firefox and my phone, and the DNS was resolvable

  8. gone again

  9. @ianrobo
    Aha! I didn't know that. I'm thinking Staff is "tinkering" with upgrading some code in the backend. ;)

  10. OK, no major prob really, just annoying

    just tried ot post and got

    This web page is not available
    The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.

  11. Hmm...I've got another (small) problem now. In Dashboard, my Stats and Recent Drafts are always on top at the right side for direct viewing. Now in one weblog they moved to the left side bottom, and on the other blog they are still on the right side top, but I can't make the two of them change places. All moving changes I make don't stay put. I've tried cookies, browser closing/re-opening, re-logging, etc.

  12. @sgreifwonder
    You only provided the URL for one blog above. So when Staff monitor the thread (I flagged it) and make a backend fix you will probably want them to fix both blogs, no? Please the URL for the second blog ;)

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