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    I am reading this link

    is there any tutorial shows how to link to these 3 party applications? what are they?

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m not sure there is actually a list of applications, what it’s telling you is that if you find any and they have a button or link that will connect to a blog, then you can go ahead and do it!

    If you look at the support pages, you’ll find them, but for a start, here is a clue:



    thanks so much for the help. i got the idea thanks for your hint. but now i do not see there is a “connections” menu in my dashboard? under dashboard i see (hone, site stat, my blog, blog i follow) but no “connection”? I also clicked on my personal profile–> web applications ( i see polldady for example) but there is no any option to add an application to my list?! any help would be very much appreciated. thanks a lot.




    but there is no any option to add an application to my list?

    That’s because that option does not exist. We deal with specifics here.

    Exactly which app are you asking about?

    What are you doing with this information that we Volunteers are providing you with in forum thread after forum thread? I’m asking because the blog linked to your username appears to have diddly in it, and I have provided enough information to you in comment boxes to rival an ebook publication.


    @timethief – I’ve looked through a lot of lezawang’s support questions, posts and even his/her (sorry lezawang, can’t tell what gender you are from your username!) Twitter page and I think this person is using his/her blog just as a test blog to learn how to use the site. That’s what it seems like to me.

    @lezawang – if I am correct, you would do far better (and would help us volunteers to help people with far more pressing support questions) to use the various support documents and do google searches for the other information that you can’t find there. Also, use the guide that is for newbies to, which is here:

    Here is how to find the support documentation:

    To search for information in the support documentation, using Google, type the keywords that comprise your questions followed by this:

    You can also search for past questions and responses on the forums here, by doing similar. On Google type your keywords followed by

    Also may I suggest that you don’t use Twitter for this sort of thing, because you will just get your account blocked as spam. Unless of course that is what you are doing deliberately in which case you deserve it (but I suspect you’re just a newbie.)

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