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    Sorry to make such a specific topic but I really cannot find this anywhere.

    I have scoured the connections style.css and cannot find that colour anywhere. I would like to change it. I have purchased the custom css upgrade.

    I’m new to custom css but have read a lot to understand it and i’m pretty happy with the concept. I just can’t find out anything about this one thing. Hope you know what I mean by the navbar. Its the green bit along the top of my page. If that’s not the right word for it then knowing that might help me progress.

    Can it be done?



    #topnav is the container – the bottom of the css.

    I can’t get it better because the FF webdev bar blanks that area.


    it’s not a color, it’s an image.
    it’s called better-header.gif



    cheers guys – swiftness and helpfulness of the replies really appreciated – working on it now.

    thats twice you helped me in a week podz.


    the firefox webdev toolbar blanks images from CSS when they are relatively linked (absolutely linked files work just fine), because it’s making a local copy of the CSS file.



    sunburntkamel – I never knew that and always wondered why that happened – cheers!

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