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connections ... new header not working

  1. I cannot seem to upload a new header. I'm using the CONNECTIONS theme. It has the option to add a new picture...and I have a picture that is the exact size that is I do not need to crop. But, when I upload, all I get is the little red x in the top left corner. I've tried saving my picture in different forms to see if that was the problem. JPEG, JPG, GIF, Windows Bitmap...nothing works. I'm missing something here!

  2. I guess I'm just wondering if the picture has to be saved in a particular format...or what? I tried changing themes to see what would happen...same thing when I tried to up load the picture. I tried uploading the whole picture and just using the crop feature...but ... that didn't work either. Any ideas?

  3. How about filling us in on things like filenames, sizes, etc. please? You don't give us anything to go on I'm afraid.

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