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    I’m working on and – with the help of a couple of guidebooks – using the CSS Upgrade facility. Despite no CSS experience, in one day flat I’m quite pleased with my progress. What I can’t crack are the following:

    a) changing the colour of the dark sage green bar with the Home/About/Meet The Team links at the top
    b) changing the background colour of the sidebar
    c) turning off the thin border round the header graphic and the green bar above it.

    I’m fine with colour codes and image work, it’s which bit of the CSS file I need to fiddle to adjust these things that I can’t identify!




    It’s easier if you make the link clickable like this

    a)and c) That is a part of the head image

    b) Try changing the color in the sidebar

    Let me suggest that you download and install the Developer’s Toolbar for Firefox. It makes working on CSS a lot easier, especially for us newbies.



    Hey, I think I did what I wanted to, and now I know how to change it again if I decide I don’t like it. Excellent – many thanks for such a quick response.

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