Connections Theme – A couple of bugs…?

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    I’m using the Connections theme and up until today at the bottom of the page there used to be a ‘previous posts’ link, however that now seems to have disappeared which is a little irritating to say the least.

    Also just within the last few days I’ve noticed that the font in my sidebar has changed on the first page but is still the old font on previous pages (although seeing as that link has now disappeared you can’t actually go to other pages now). Now the font itself doesn’t really matter, but I would like it to be at least consistent.

    I haven’t changed anything on my blog and don’t know why these things have happened. Any ideas.



    Are we talking about this blog?

    I see the Next Posts link at the bottom of the page. Someone in another thread said that on Chaotic Soul his Previous and Next links had vanished, but I can see them. They’re not on individual blog posts in your blog, I note, nor were they in his.

    Font changes are often because of pasting from Word. You haven’t done that, have you? If you have, you’ve got unclosed font tags in one of the posts on your front page and you’ll need to go in and use the Clean Up Code icon on the advanced toolbar to fix it. Don’t ever paste from Word, it makes a huge mess that only shows up after the fact.



    Yep that’s the one.

    How come I can’t see the Next post link thing at the bottom of the page? That’s a bit weird. I don’t think the link has ever been on individual posts, or at least I’ve never noticed it before but it was definitely there on the main page and I’d really like to get it back.

    I do change the font on individual posts as I don’t like the default one, so it is possible that I may have left an open tag. Would that affect the font in the sidebar though? Either way I’ll go and have a search for a missing tag.

    Thanks for the reply.



    What browser and version are you using, and have you performed the Cookie Dance?

    Log out of Clear browser cache and cookies and do a forced reload of the page.

    Open font tags have been known to cause issues in the sidebars. The Clean Up Code tab should take care of it.



    Sorry for the double post.

    Just wanted to say that you are a star. I found an open tag and that’s fixed the problem with the sidebar font. I’ll definitely be more careful in future.

    Oh and since I edited one of the posts, the previous and next links at the bottom have reappeared. Strange.

    Thanks again.



    Thanks, great to hear. Sounds like you just solved someone else’s problem as well. I’ll go tell him.

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