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    Having already set up a dummy run in another blog, I’m now setting up (mapping from already in place and working fine).

    I have two minor queries with the CSS that I’ve not been able to work out for myself:

    a) which element do I need to add a border to so that the Comment input multiline field has an outline/border – and likewise the ‘Submit Comment’ button/link
    b) I can’t get the contents of the Tags widget to left align in line with other widget contents – is this just something I will have to live with (or live without this widget?)

    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is


    Oops – error in initial posting: the blog url is Any hints or tips from more experienced users here would be much appreciated.



    For the border around the text area change the border value here:

    #commentform textarea {
    border:0 solid #6495ED;

    For the submit button (also puts borders around the input areas for name, email and website) change the border value here:

    input, textarea {
    background:#FFFFFF none repeat scroll 0 0;
    border:0 solid #E1D6C6;

    Thank you so much – very helpful!

    One remaining minor glitch – the Home Page of the blog is showing the intro paragraphs of some posts in bold text. I’ve tried resaving the style sheet. I’ve tried reposting (including completely re-entering the text of) the posts, but still it happens – if you look at, the para showing under ‘On the level with Genghis Khan’ shows in bold type, although this para is normal text (as following the link to the individual post shows correctly).

    Any idea what’s going on here?

    Many thanks,




    That’s probably not a CSS issue; it happens frequently when the More tag splits an existing tag. In other words, one of your Read More splits comes between an opening tag, like a b or an i, and the closing tag, like:

    <b> whatever blah blah <more> blah blah </b>

    You need to edit your posts above so that the opening AND closing tags are on the same side of the More.


    Problem seems now to be solved. I’ll be more careful with my MORE tags in future.

    Many thanks, Dave

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