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    I want to go back to using the CONNECTIONS theme but there is a major problem for me with the right hand bar:

    I used to use the excellent CONNECTIONS theme by I spent a long time doing custom CSS on this. I even made the custom CSS available on this forum (how kind of me!). Unfortunately it took me a long time to realise that when a user goes to a particular page (ie NOT the home page) the right hand bar functionality disappears and is repalced by “Archived Entry” information.

    This archived entry info is shown here when you preview my site using the connections theme:

    However if you go to the author’s website/blog you will see that she retains the functionality of the right hand bar. As shown here nullRe: connections theme by vanillamist – right hand side bar

    That is what I want to do.

    Help pleae.

    The blog I need help with is


    The version of Connections used here is different than the one on the author’s website. There is no way to edit things to have the sidebar appear on the single-post pages. That would require access to, and hacking of the underlying theme PHP script files and we cannot do that here.



    i suspect a “no” answer to this question

    but can you suggest which theme might be most-similar … i have spent ages looking through them and arrived at the one currently used which is not great and i am loathe to go through all the custom css again as it is not my technical forte.


    is there a specific tag that i can search for that would let me know that a specific theme supports the right hand bar full functionality?




    ok so how does this blog get the right hand bar working. it uses connections too?

    confused of london !!!


    Panos has a post that covers which themes have sidebars on the post pages and such.

    What I see in the right sidebar on that post you reference is the standard post metadata (Archive Entry), not the normal sidebar widgets and such.



    thank you and yes you were right regarding the dontcompromise site!

    it would seem tho that one of the first things any blogger would want to do is ensure that a visitor roams around HIS/HER blog as much as possible.

    the archived entry, and the like, really discourange this.

    anyway…what do i know.


    You are welcome.

    Not all themes are the same. I have one client that wanted the sidebars to show on the main page, but not on the single post page at all. His reasoning was that he did not what any distractions when the visitor was reading the post. I’ve also got clients that have micromanaged widgets to a fault and each individual page has different widgets on it (these are all self-hosted so I can do that easily enough).

    Theme designers also have their own ideas as to what is going to be included and what is not on pages and posts. That is one of the reasons that there are so many themes out there. Everyone is an individual (designer and user) and each has different ideas as to how they want things.



    thank you. maybe i’m stupid.

    but if i want widgets to appear in the right hand bar AT ALL TIMES then what is the wordpress-name of the feature that I am looking for when i look through themes

    or, like life, is it more complicted that that!

    thank again :-)


    In the post I linked to you can find all the themes that have a right sidebar (under “One sidebar” and “Sidebar(s) plus bottom and/or header”). And in the post TSP linked to you can find which ones you should exclude (namely: Autofocus, Black-Letterhead, Blix, Connections, Day Dream, Duster, Grid Focus, Iceburgg, Fauna, Kubrick, Oulipo, Sapphire, Steira, Sunburn, Twenty Eleven).

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