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Consider five points

  1. Consider five points A, B, C, D and E such that ABCD is a
    parallelogram and BCED is a cyclic quadrilateral. Let ℓ be a line passing
    through A. Suppose that ℓ intersects the interior of the segment DC at F
    and intersects line BC at G. Suppose also that EF = EG = EC. Prove
    that ℓ is the bisector of angle DAB

  2. Are you nuts?

  3. nah, just a spammer :)

  4. And a crap one! No links or anything...

  5. ...Wait a minute! Are you trying to get someone to do your homework?

  6. You mean you all don't know the answer?

    tut tut tut :)

  7. My head is about to explode. :O

  8. thistimethisspace

    Posting to Yahoo Answers first didn't get his homework done for him now did it? And IMO posting here won't either. ;)

  9. It's a question from this year's International Mathematical Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam

    (I knew it looked familiar)

  10. thistimethisspace

    Yeah I know and I located it too.

  11. Bosh! Five Points is an old neighborhood in New York. It's a trick question!

  12. Call me a cynic, but am I the only one who believes he's going to insert a profile link to his spam site at some later date?

  13. No.

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