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Consider my blog and I'll consider yours!

  1. My book club is up and running, but could always use more insight from anyone!

    Peace, Love and Books

    Come check it out! Whoever posts their site will get visits and comments from me! I won't just look and run but consider subscribing! So I hope to get the same respect from all of you!

    If you think anyone would be interested in joining my book club, it'd be super great if you told them about it!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Really Nice site Shauna. I subscribed and I hope I can keep up with the reading. Will be back often for sure. Best wishes.... This is my personal site This is my "help" site for new bloggers.

    Hope you one or both. :)

  3. I'll go in and check it out! I'd love it if you did the same for me. Just a word of warning, it runs pretty "blue/NSFW" so there is that.


  4. White specks around the title in the banner image bother me, because that specific type of look is usually not intentional.

  5. That's a very nice site you have going. Check mine out!

  6. Please visit our collaborative blog based on our respective lives in Miami and Cornwall....


    Bad Teeth

  7. Sounds as if I read all the wrong books. I'll be back to check yours often.

  8. Shauna, I love this idea. I have joined your blog, voted in the poll for the next book and am going to pass this on to some friends of mine. See you when you start the new book!

  9. So glad, trinabaker!! So excited, hope you enjoy..


    P.S. Thanks everyone for checking it out..On my way to checking out all of yours now!

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