Considering a Site Redirect, just have a few questions

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    I have been blogging at (a blog) for the past year or so. My focus has shifted, so I am planning to “reimagine” myself and my blog and focus on the topics that have been driving the most traffic to my site. I have already created another wordpress blog ( where I want to continue.

    After looking through the forums, it looks like using the Site Redirect upgrade for is my best option. I just had a couple questions about what to expect from that process.

    So this moves all of my content, subscribers, to the new blog (Fabric Alchemist), so going forward I would enter the Fabric Alchemist dashboard to create new content?

    Do I need to do anything other than purchase the site redirect upgrade?

    My big final question is:
    The site redirect appears to be an annual renewal cost, if after a year I have trained enough people to visit Fabric Alchemist rather than PNW DuckPond, can I delete the old blog address and cancel site redirect? Or will this remove content from Fabric Alchemist?


    The blog I need help with is

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