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Conspiracy Theory

  1. Ever since I installed the Akismet widget my spam count has trebled. I used to have hardly 19 spam comments in my blogging of 6 months. In 1 month I have 59 spam comments. It is either some spammers who enjoy watching the spam count rising after their spamming, or it is akismet spamming us in order to boost its product image.

    This is just a theory. People dont pounce on me!

  2. Akismet doesn't spam :)
    It's getting nasty out there.

  3. Also remmeber as your blog becomes older, more of it is indexed in the different search engines. Your blog is more visable on the net.

  4. @tecmorose:
    This is a great community full of helpful people. Please don't just comment to leave your link. That is called spam. Your user name has your link. People will visit without the push. Thanks. :)

  5. Already been dealt with. :)

    But if staff sees this, I would like the spam button you guys have. Deleteing is one thing but being able to mark them as spam would be even better.

  6. Spam removed quickly. I love this place!

    As far as Akismet, I get more spam the older my blog gets but the blocking is efficient. Only a couple have slipped through. I'm very pleased.

  7. They've been working Akismet into the bbPress platform as well lately. It's caused some issues over on the forums though.

  8. drmike, you are quick! Is your middle name Akismet by chance? :D

  9. Nah, just trying to get caught up here. Staff had to actually remove that 30 second limit on my postings. :)

    At least I think they did. I don't see the error anymore.

  10. Podz blocked the poster as well.

  11. Cool. I noticed that poster spamming the forum but had to pause to say something when they spammed the thread about spam.

  12. @eclecticgeek
    Quite aside from folks spamming the forum (not very common) if you volunteer a lot on the forum you are bound to spot other spammers when you check out their sites and try to help them. It's not unusual to spot 2-3 per week. The good thing is that staff are always right on top of spam reports bloggers send in and they do an excellent job of ridding us of the vermin in very short order.

  13. Here I am again. I peeved some spammers off so they hit me shortly after I posted this.

  14. If you piss off people, they might spam you. Others might see it as a challenge. And I usually, unknowingly, piss off alot of people. Could have almost gotten sued last week. All is good now but I might feel the wrath soon from another blogger because the potential suer turned his eye to that blogger. And that blogger I heard is notorious for spamming fellow bloggers. Yay me. :(

  15. I piss spammers off when I say anti-spammer, anti-porn and anti-gambling things on the forum and they hit on my blog. This is a useless endeavor as I moderate all comments but they still try. They are not very bright and now that I have a master file of how they operate complete with all the instructions I will be even better at catching them. HA!

  16. when I say anti-spammer, anti-porn and anti-gambling things on the forum

    Do they see what you write on here? Are they other bloggers? Or do the Google bots pick it up?

  17. When I get spammed withing an hour of saying something on the forum it isn't because the google bots picked up what I said.

  18. I was under the impression spammers were a lot more automated than that; maybe they've got bots doing keyword searches and hitting you that way, rather than surfing forums. They're in it to make money, not work out emotions, I'd have thought.

    But we sure have been spammed majorly today, that's for sure.

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