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    They provide a nice little “sign-up for my newsletter” button and it won’t show properly in a widget. Used to work fine in blogger…any help please?



    Does it use any javascript.? You can only use HTML here, no javascript.



    Use a contact page with a contact form built in. That’s about the only automated thing we can do at Depending on what you mean by newsletter, you could use Feedburner to offer your blog posts via email as well.



    Constant Contact is a contact management program. I don’t know why the code doesn’t work since I just looked at it and there is no iframe or script stuff in it (unless I missed it) but it does have tables.

    Can you post the code here? Use backticks (the key to the left of the 1 key)



    I just ran into this – the solution was to use the less-flashy TEXT option in the choices on Constant Contacts Site Visitor Sign Up Box Under My Settings. You can change the text to make it bigger, your choice of colors, etc. so you can make it stand out the way their “fancier” sign up choices do.

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