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Con't remve widget from sidebar

  1. I have added all the widget tu the said bar to see they.
    But now i can'r remove it!!!!!!!
    When i remove the widget it return tu the side bar!!!

    Please HELP!!!!

  2. Resolved

  3. i have the same do you fix it

  4. Browser, browser version and OS please.

    I would try clearing out your browser cache and doing a forced reload of teh page you're looking at.

  5. It seems the problem starts, when a line in the blue field is full and the blue box has to open a new line or row. That is impossible. The blue box will not expand and it will not allow an extra line. I have the same problem.

    I have put a lot of empty "text" widgets in my right column to avoid any unwanted widgets to show on my blog. That way there is room for pre-programmed widgets in this little space, that the blue box permits. I'm down to only 2 rows.

  6. Browser, browser version and Operating System please.

    I would try clearing out your browser cache and doing a forced reload of the page you're looking at.
    Windows - IE or FF - ctrl F5
    Macs - FF - Cmd-Shift-R
    Linux - F5

  7. Windows XP home, IE7 latest update of IE7 less than one week old. I have done what you say, timethief. No luck...

  8. That's too bad. :( I'm sure you noticed that we have a pink sticky post up at the head of the forum and many people have been experiencing technical problems that staff are trying to fix as I write this. I'm afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow and then send in a feedback if it hasn't been "cured" by then.

  9. Yes, I know. But the problem is several days old. And I have read a few threads about it a couple of days ago. And written in one of them (I think?). I have done, what was said there. But the blue box will not start a new row or line. But right now I have empty text-widgets sitting in the column, so the problem cannot be seen on my blog. That is some sort of a solution, - after all. Maybe other bloggers can do the same...

  10. If by "the blue box" - you mean the top part inside the text widget then it will not give you another line now or ever. That part is only for a one line title. The part below it is for the text.

  11. No, I mean the big "parking place". Screenshot:

    The widgets should shuffle around, you wrote in an other thread a few days ago. But they do not, when a row is complete. It just refuses to do anything and it will not start a third row/line...

  12. Ahhh ... well then sadly you are back to requesting staff help.

  13. I can swop widgets. Take one from the column abowe and exchange it with one from the parking place but I can't get rid of the extra widgets in the column, that I do not use. Therefore I have some empty text-widgets sitting in the column above the "parking place".

  14. Hold it. Now I think we are getting somewhere. That big "available widgets" space is a parking lot. Whatever widgets you don't use, you are intended to just leave there and ignore.

  15. Well, that is easy for you to say. :-D

    It will not accept any more widgets! Once a row is full: no more parking! It should start a third row with widgets that I want to move there, but it will not make room for them!

  16. My advice is stop fretting about the widgets and send in a feedback to staff. I honestly can't understand what's going on with you and your widgets. I cannot help. I give up.

  17. Roger, timethief. Thank you. :-D

  18. You know I looked at this thread and remembered back to when widgets and I first met. I'm going to look for the thread. I remember shrieking "kill the flipping widgets!"
    Edit: I found the thread.

  19. There appears to be issues with IE7 and the widgets as you noted. They've been reported to staff.

    I'll send a followup.

    Gotta admit this is one of the reasons why I keep a copy of netscape 7.2 on my laptop.

  20. you can reattach the the widget in the avaible wiget bar
    moving it in the botton-left corner of this area


  21. Usually this works however, lately it's not working for some bloggers particularly those using IE 7 browsers as drmike has said above.

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