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    how can i call a wordpress account person re overpayment


    Hi iandoitnow,

    We don’t provide phone support but I can help you here.

    There are no charges on the account you are currently logged in to. Do you know which site the payment was for? Or do you not recognise the charge?

    Just let me know and I can look into this for you.




    Not sure which accounts but two payments of of ₤84 are pending on my credit card statement.

    I have one receipt for the above amount. Receipt Id [redacted by mod] dated 25 Feb 2018 for

    It is possible only one of the two pending payments will be taken?




    Hello there, I’ve removed the receipt ID number from your above reply as you are posting in a public forum that is quickly indexed by search engines. If Staff require that information, they will contact you directly. Thanks.

    You can also check what you were charged for by entering the information in the form at


    Hi Ian,

    I’ve sent an email to the address on your Account Settings page and will follow up with you there for more information.

    @justjennifer — thanks for redacting the receipt ID.


    Just to reiterate I wish to cancel my account payment id [redacted] re transaction id [redacted]. Premium

    Date of receipt February 24 2018.

    Amount £84.00.

    Thanks Ian


    Your other thread has been closed.
    You have once again posted sensitive information in an open forum. Did you ever reply to @gemmacevans by email? I have added the modlook tag for staff once more to see if this issue can finally be resolved.


    I really do not understand your means of communication!


    Hi Ian,

    You are contacting us logged in as iandoitnow but the upgrades for are owned by another account.

    Account information can only be discussed with the owner so I’ve sent an email to the address we have on file for the owner of the Premium plan. Please reply to that email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have there.

    It’s best not to share transaction IDs on these forums as they are a public place. I’ve redacted that information for you.

    I really do not understand your means of communication!

    You are being prompted to contact us through these forums because you are not logged into the account that owns the Premium plan (which includes email and Live Chat support).

    @themagicrobot — thanks for your help here.



    I own both pictureshed accounts but I do not want the above mentioned

    It was purchased in error. I have two email addresses (email redacted) and (email redacted), when you email on either address they come to both mail boxes. The address for the above a/c is the gmail a/c the one I want to cancel, hope you understand this?

    We have time differences you are 7 hours behind. I will be away now until 10 a.m. G.M.T. Hope you can sort this out I simply

    Regards Ian


    Hi Ian,

    I’m glad my email came through to you. I’ve cancelled the Premium plan for and issued a refund for that amount. You will need to login to your other account to view a copy of the refund receipt.

    Refunds usually take 7-14 business days to show on your statement although international refunds (outside the US) can take a little longer.

    Are you able to login to or do you need help accessing that site?



    I really want to use a domain that is already taken. But when I visit the page, it hasn’t been updated since 2010! I don’t think it’s fair that it is still occupied.. Is there any possible way to get the domain without paying a lot of money for it?


    Hi beautifultrash99,

    Please start a new thread for your question and tag it with modlook so we can take a look. Please also mention the domain you wish to use.


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