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    I want to have a signup to my aweber accoumt, which isn’t possible here.

    I thought I’d be clever and set up another editor with my aweber email address,so that a message sent through a contact form on that page would forward to my aweber account. Easy enough to set up. Unfortunately wordpress require me to verify a change of address, which I cannot do via aweber.

    Has anyone any other ideas?

    My current method is an email widget, which works.




    anyone got any ideas?



    What in the world is “aweber”?


    I don’t know if it is possible or not. On this one, it would be staff that would have to respond since they would have to bypass the “verification email” thing. In other words, they would have to do it from the back end.

    You can contact support on Monday if one of them doesn’t respond in this thread before then.

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