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  1. How do I turn the comment box off when I create the contact page?

  2. On the write/edit for the page there's an option on the right hand side under discussion. Simply untick the box for allow comments.

  3. Thank you! It worked, but now I can't see the page when I click the link on my side bar. I wrote a and gave the address I saw on the View section. Any additional good ideas?

  4. What's the URL for your blog?

    Do you have anything other than just the contact form in the page?

    Something like "fill in the boxes below to contact me:"

    Wondering if the system sees just the code and won't display anything.

    Not used the form myself, will go and play now.

  5. No, I don't have anything on the page. Just the contact-form command. I saved the page and the system gave me the address, so I used in the href line. Just one more thing: I inserting the line in a widget. I'm going to try to insert some text.
    The url is (It's in Spanish!)

  6. No, it didn't work. I already changed the page_ide to 67. No change.
    Should I create a new page?

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