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    I used the contact form language [ contact-form ] (with the spaced removed), but it’s not working on my blog theme. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Instead of entering the code into the visual editor, enter it into the HTML editor. That always works for me. Also, turn comments off for your contact page or there will be two text boxes that will confuse people.


    and better still you can have three boxes, if you are using a theme that has its own contact form say misty look, yeah html should do add allthe code into HTML version of the post editor, wordpress changes code, remeber the youtube thing and the google maps embedding code, but what is written in HTML version remain so


    well you said you took out spaces,k i tried posting same as yours code into my contact page in P2 theme and yeah it didn’t work, take out the spaces between brackets and the text, mean

    instead of writing

    [ contact-form ]



    with spaces between c and [ and m and ] taken out
    happy blogging



    Well, it will never work if your blog is not hosted on Without a link to the blog in question, we can’t tell if it is or not.


    [contact-form] do work in the blog and for you can have a plugin say contact 7 with captcha plugin too



    Like I said, we don’t know what kind of blog this is.


    assume and try to help


    “Assuming” isn’t helpful. Parroting what others say (like you did above, or like you did here) also doesn’t look like “trying to help”.




    above?? :O and what i wrote here at was a result of me checking it on my own weblog got any problems i can very well leave have got time and resources to write crap in here and fight while you invite your friends to bully me down

    if you want me out of here just say so and off i go

    happy blogging



    Dear god, kid, calm down. We are trying to focus on getting bloggers the correct answers. You’ve been giving inapplicable ones repeatedly. When you can stop doing that, you’re welcome to post: until then, you are an active hindrance to getting bloggers answers that will help them.


    sorry uncle!

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