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    I added a new page, called Ask Vinman and was trying to add a contact form. I opened the editor and clicked on html, then added the code [contact-form]

    When I publish the page, I just get a text box with a submit button at the bottom and a notification that says;

    Text only, no markup allowed?

    To try it, I typed in some text and clicke don submit. I see that it was sent to my email which is OK, but I wanted text fields in the text box, just simple ones, but can’t figure out how to add them.

    Any help appreciated. ;) (Not html literate either, lol!)

    I would like the contact form fields like name,

    The blog I need help with is


    When you view a contact form while logged in to a account, the form will use some of the details from your account. If you log out, you will see name, email, and website fields to fill in.

    Check out this help page for more details and to see an example of what the form looks like:



    OK! You’re not see the fields because you’re currently logged in, so they’ve been pre-filled for you. If you logout, and then visit that page you’ll see the difference.

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