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  1. I did all the steps to create the contact form that we need. When I look at preview, my user name and email address are filled in. Cannot figure out how to get it out of there!
    Check it out at
    Blog url:

  2. uses cookies to keep track of commenters so if someone makes a comment on your blog, the next time they come to your blog, unless they have cleared their cookies, will recognize them and complete the details for them. No one else will be able to view those details in comment boxes or in contact forms. The next person who comments will see blank fields. Commenters will not see each other’s details.

    While we are at it the same can be said about the Admin [edit] link. It's only for your convenience and only you can see it and use it while you are logged in.

  3. The contact form boxes on the website should be blank. My info is on the form, on the website. I'm not talking about edit or feedback or anything else. If I go to the website as a stranger and want to contact someone, I will see my info there instead of blank boxes.

  4. Log out of and clear your browser cache and cookies. Then visit your site while logged out and you won't see that information.

  5. Or, are you saying that when I preview the page, my info is automatically filled in because of cookies, but when a stranger logs in my info will not appear?

  6. Yes!

  7. Thank you for your PATIENCE!

  8. You're welcome and best wishes with your blogging. :)

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