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Contact form bug

  1. When logged in, there's a letter 'n' by itself above the text input box. It says "Logged in as Steve. Logout >>" and then before the text box, there's a letter 'n'. If I log out, the 'n' is replaced by the contact info fields. Any idea where the lone letter comes from when I'm logged in and viewing my contact form? Note: Yes, I've checked the data entered, and there's simply "[contact-form]" there, not an 'n.' And again, the 'n' disappears when I log out.

  2. Where is this on your blog please?

    Your image in this post is broken by the way. Please check the URL. You have two of them in there.

  3. For example: (below the questions). Fixed the was a photo-caching utility that apparently is down, not a broken address. ;)

  4. I see the same thing. Is the n supposed to be there?

  5. Nope, the n is not supposed to be there.

  6. I got a support email back and Mark said they are working on it and will have it fixed. I also saw that on the Regulus theme the box was too narrow for the page layout and they fixed that also for anyone seeing the same thing. Do a force refresh of your page and it should be fine:

  7. @ryannjenn

    I got a support email back and Mark said they are working on it and will have it fixed.

    I'm puzzled. As you have not posted to this thread before, and have not posted elsewhere on the forum revealing that you had the same problem as mott did, I don't understand why Mark would be emailing you a reply to mott's problem with the "n". Please clarify.

  8. Hehe, I assume that he e-mailed them through feedback rather than post his issue here. Though it does raise the question, is everyone experiencing the 'n' problem?

  9. This is indeed what I'm trying to ascertain. Sending in a feedback for staff to deal with another blogger's issue would indeed be strange behaviour. So let's wait and see what ryannjenn has to say.

  10. Ouch I got the "n" too in my 2813 theme. It's very visible when you're logged-in. Not a big deal for me but I'm sure someone can fix it.

  11. I'm getting the "n" at my site, which uses Andreas04. I also see the too-narrow box, but only in IE, not in Firefox.

  12. I'll get that removed.

  13. @timethief - I had sent in the feedback (and received a reply) prior to checking the forum on another unrelated issue I was trying to resolve. I was not trying to deal with another blogger's issue but with my own since it happened to me. I thought I would add to the thread that I had gotten an email back so others would know that support knows about it and is working on it. Sorry for the confusion :)

  14. I get the "n" as well. Thank you for any help.

  15. All, i get is an "n" and no contact form at all.

  16. @fluviastudio and heritagelost
    Please provide the urls to your blogs when you post to the forum.
    ryannjenn{waving} :)

  17. @ heritagelost:
    All you'll get is the "n" if you're signed in, because your contact info is included in your profile (so you wouldn't need to enter that stuff). Log out and the "n" will disappear (and you'll see the contact info form). This problem seems to only affect users who are logged in, so external visitors shouldn't have an issue.

  18. @mott
    Thanks for returning and sharing this important information. ^^ thumbs up!

  19. that strange n is something with what I can live ;)

  20. @ timethief
    *bow* hehe

    Yes, but why would you want to?

  21. Lloyd just fixed in.
    The form is an n-free zone :)

  22. Thanks so much. Another case...solved!

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