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    Currently I have emailONE [at] as the email address where all the email from the contact form is sent to.

    I would like to change that to emailTWO [at]
    How do I do that?




    The contact form defauls to what email address you have your account with. You’re going to have to change what’s in there at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile



    Thanks mike,
    Since the Google EMail is till ‘work in progress’ I’ll have to hold off on this change till that implements.

    Just to clarify:
    I have three admin users on my blog. Would I need to have all of them change the email to reflect the one email address we would like to receive emails to, via the contact form?



    I stand corrected. Sorry about that:

    It’s only going to go to one address, the one listed under Dashboard -> options -> email address.



    Good to know!

    I think I might change that to an account that I don’t check as often.

    Stupid PR people.



    I was under the impression that the email would go to the person that wrote the page or post containing the contact form.

    It would still mean that the email goes to the address set in the profile though.



    My “about” page has a different email address from the address in my profile. I don’t want to change the address in my profile but the address in the “about” page, which is presumably the same as the address in a contact form.

    I don’t remember setting a different address. How do I change it?


    I would like to add and email address to the contact in our profile so the additional blogger manager/editor can receive administration notices as well, but it won’t let me add the additional address. How can I have the administration notices go to two email addressses?


    I don’t know of any way that can be done here at



    adminmusoma, in order to change your email addresss on the contact form, you will need to do this first:

    1. Go to ‘Users’ on the dashboard.
    2. Then go to ‘Authors & Users’ on the menu.
    3. Edit the email address(es) for the blog(s) shown.

    When that’s done, go back to ‘My Profile’ to change the contact’s email address.

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