Contact Form displays fine but does not submit all the information

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    Hi, I am using a contact form to as a team entry form. I have used forms before and love them especially the export function, it saves sooooo much time. Unfortunately not all the information is being captured.

    The required fields at the beginning of the form for club contact information are fine .
    The next section has a dropdown to select the team and enter the manager details displays fine but the data is lost when the form is submitted
    The last section with a test area also works.

    The form worked while I was creating it but now that I have sent it out to the clubs it is not working.

    I am really hoping you can help me resolve this as going back to the previous word version of the entry form would be a nightmare.

    The blog I need help with is



    Try checking your code in your Text editor. Sometimes php tags get messed up if you paste them directly in the Visual editor. For example if you put ‘<? include (“contact.html”) ?>’ it will convert to: “<? include (“contact.html”) ?&gt” in the Text editor.

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