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Contact Form no Appearing

  1. I created a contact form within my wordpress website from the editing bar and it has been great, I've received emails from people. However, I was reviewing my website today and I noticed that the contact form does not appear on my website. I went to my account and checked to see if I had accidentally erased it, but it was there! However, it doesn't appear on my website itself. Why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see a Page with a "Contact" tab but the slug is "resources"
    Did you use this guide to create a contact form?
    Did you create a custom menu and then not add the page to it?

  3. theyoungcreatives

    I noticed this on my own blog as well today. The form was working up until this morning, but has now disappeared. How can this be fixed?

  4. Same here. Code is still currently there but no form showing. Eh?

  5. When contact forms disappear from several blogs I think it's possible that Staff may be working on that feature. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. same here. contact form has disappeared but code is still active.

  7. You may be right timethief. Lets hope this is only temporary or a solution is found. If the Staff knew this would take the forms feature down, surely they should have warned us first!

  8. I'm only speculating. I could be wrong. Something else could be causing this disappearance. Either way Staff attention is required.

  9. I know staff has been contacted. Just wanted to add to this by saying I'm experiencing the same problem.

  10. Glad to know that others are experiencing the same thing. Am I crazy or did a new edit button appear called Kitchen Sink? Or did I just not notice it before?

  11. The kitch sink button has appeared at the end of Row 1 in the visual editor for as long as I can remember. You click it and Row 2 of the icons appears.

  12. edit: kitch was meant to be kitchen

  13. oh man, I'm so mad at myself for not noticing that!

  14. Well, the forms are back... BUT the formatting is all screwy! ;-(( Hope the WordPress team is working on FIXING this super-pronto. Forms are VERY important.

  15. Yes contact forms are important. I assume Staff will priorize the many issues posted before contact form issue arose and respond just as soon as they can.

  16. Seems to be working fine for me now.

  17. That's super news! Thanks so much for returning to share it here. :)

  18. We're looking in to this, but so far we haven't been able to find any broken contact forms. When we look, the forms are there.

    If you have a broken contact form, could you please paste a link to it here. And please don't edit that post/page/contact-form until we can check it out.

    Sorry for the hassle, we're doing our best to resolve this problem.

  19. We've fixed a related bug, which caused some Contact Forms to look ugly.

    We still can't find any missing Contact Forms. If you have one or find one, please let us know.

  20. Forms working fine for me now. Very odd how they completely disappeared.

  21. I have added a contact me button but nothing is showing on my site. it is blank. am really going banana's with the contact form stuff here. i want a tab on my menu (new page) to be a contact me button with a form that works in it. am totally befuddled and have been searching the forums with no solutions that make sense for the technically challenged. please help....

    the site is:

    thanks a million

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